We build software for every screen

We excel at building responsive HTML, JavaScript and server-side Java applications. We also build native mobile apps for iOS, Android. We are a full-stack application development shop with a track record of building and maintaining mission-critical applications from concept to release 1 and beyond year after year.

Software that works cross-platfor
Cross-Platform Web Experiences
Software that works cross-platfor
Collaborative Product Planning
Software that works cross-platfor
Apps for Android and iOS

Working With Us

Our weekly work flow lets you know the status of your project.

We have developed an engagement model that keeps you informed and involved throughout the project.

Experience has shown us that this maximizes our ability to successfully deliver you software. We like to talk to our clients twice a week. Once to discuss what is coming for next week, once to review what happened this week.

You get access to a test environment so you can use the software as we build it. This test environment is updated every Friday. Also, we also provide a written status report every Friday detailing the progress accomplished over the past week, and the current state of the project, including all of the usual stuff: tracking to schedule, open issues, risks, budget, and remaining items todo before completion.

Development Methodology

We designed our methodology for maximum transparency and trust. You will understand the work we are doing for you and the progress we make from day 1 until the end of the project.

Fixed Bid - Know what you are getting

We like to work we write out exactly what you are going to get up front, including the price. We spell out exactly what we are building for you in pieces of work called "Stories." We estimate the cost of each story and give you an firm fixed price for the project up front.

One Week Iterations- See progress as it happens

At the beginning of each week, we show you what we are going to build. At the end of the week, you see it in working software. This gives you a view into how done the project really is week by week.

Issue Tracking - You know what we know

We always use issue tracking software for all project tasks, whether they be bugs, stories, or additional project work.

Automated Builds - No Excuses

We always use automation to build and deploy to our internal testing environment. This lets you see our progress in real, working software day by day and hour by hour. You will never hear "it worked on my machine," from us, ever.

Quality Assurance Included - Protect your users from bugs

Your customers hate nothing more than finding your bugs. Our estimates always include quality assurance. We work diligently to ensure that bugs don't cause problems for your customers.

What is a story?

Before you ever sign a contract, we want you to know what you are getting for your money. Each story clearly spells out what the user will be able to accomplish, and includes "acceptance criteria" that define a few measurable pieces of functionality that must be completed to call the story "done." Every story gets a price. So if you want to add to the scope mid project, or you decide something isn't necessary, you know ahead of time exactly how much it will cost.

Our Team

Jonathan Hess, Founder & CEO

Jonathan Hess, founder of Hess Interactive lives to build useful software that makes money. He wrote his first computer program on an Apple IIe in the 6th grade. After earning a degree in Computer Science and Math, he worked as a software engineering consultant building for clients such as The US Navy, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Fidelity Investments, Rally Software, and Boeing. With 15 years of professional experience, and 8 years leading teams, he launched Hess Interactive to serve his clients better and build great software.

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    • jonathan.hess@hessinteractive.com
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    • 700 Front Street #204
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